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Automatic floating fish feed pellet mill line

The fully automatic floating fish feed production line is based on the original process of the floating fish feed pellet mill, with increased output, expanded scale, and higher degree of automation and efficiency. It is the best choice for floating fish feed mills.

The configuration of this floating fish feed pellet mill production line is suitable for the production of ornamental fish, pond fish and marine fish for feeding and feeding.

 According to the different species of fish, the floating fish feed pellet mill process can be adjusted and the shape can be changed to produce various feeds with different pellets and different floating properties.

The feed pellets formed by high temperature and high pressure have very little pollution to the water quality during the feeding process, and are ideal floating fish feed pellet mill for fish feed production.

1. Automatic floating fish feed pellet mill line process

A complete set of fish feed production line, including: sorting, screening and cleaning of raw materials, crushing, mixing, forming and puffing, drying, seasoning, and packaging.

(1)The raw material powder conveying, sorting and crushing system is a fully automatic centralized processing system for raw materials that integrates storage, conveying, automatic sorting and automatic crushing systems.

Before this process, there are various raw materials: corn granules, flour, meat and bone meal, fish meal, protein, fiber powdery raw materials. After this floating fish feed pellet mill line process, various powdered raw materials that have been processed and crushed are stored in separate storage tanks for mixing and stirring.

(2)Mixing system: All kinds of pulverized powdery raw materials in each storage tank enter the centralized mixing silo through their respective conveying pipelines for centralized mixing. And adjust the appropriate humidity and moisture content.

(3)Extrusion and puffing system: access to steam through the twin-shaft conditioner for pre-curing, and then the material enters the twin-screw floating fish feed pellet mill extruder for high-temperature extrusion, puffing and curing.

(4)Drying system: U.S. drying technology is used to improve the original electric drying box. The hot air drying cycle is automatic, and it is a mesh-belt continuous drying box production line specially used for drying puffed pellets, which is made by floating fish feed pellet mill. Boiler heating and hot air circulation ensure no waste of heat and no pollution, good drying effect.

(5)Seasoning system: oil injection + spraying (powder spraying) are carried out separately. The shape and size of the dried fish feed pellets, which are made by floating fish feed pellet mill, have been fixed. 

But there is still a lack of surface seasonings to attract fish to prey, so the surface of the fish feed needs to be sprayed with various seasonings, the most common being shrimp meal. However, the needs of customers are different.

(6)Many customers require that too much powdery seasoning should not be sprayed on the surface, because if the feed pellets floating on the water surface have too much oil or the adhesion of the seasoning is not strong, the quality of the water surface will be damaged and affect the environment and quality of fish survival.

Therefore, the equipment configuration of the sprayed surface can be configured according to the specific requirements of the customer.

(7)Packaging system: The fully automatic packaging system includes automatic weighing, automatic material conveying, automatic granulation packaging, and automatic sealing. The packing weight of each bag is adjustable from 5kg to 50kg.

floating fish feed pellet mill

2.Floating fish feed pellet mill characteristics:

  • Developed the fish feed arch-breaking feeder, feeding evenly, without arching, and ensuring the stable discharge of the floating fish feed pellet mill.
  • The new type of dual-shaft conditioner of floating fish feed pellet mill has long residence time of materials and uniform modulation, which can effectively improve the pre-cooking degree of materials, thereby increasing the output.
  • The power distribution box is processed and manufactured with advanced technology to ensure long-term trouble-free operation of the machine.
  • The lubrication system of floating fish feed pellet mill adopts fine filtration and forced cooling to create working conditions for the bearing.
  • The screw of floating fish feed pellet mill adopts an integral mandrel and a screw building block combination structure, which can meet the processing requirements of different formulations of pet food and fish food products.
  • The fully wear-resistant alloy screw and the inner sleeve of the nitriding expansion cavity ensure the long-term stable operation of the floating fish feed pellet mill under the condition of high production capacity and high quality.
  • The turbulent discharge device makes the extruded feed more beautiful and uniform, and the material shape is uniform and stable.
  • The cutting device of floating fish feed making machine adopts the hoisting beam type, which can quickly disassemble the template and facilitate the hoisting of the barrel and screw during equipment maintenance.
  • The control system accessories of floating fish feed pellet mill are all selected, which can effectively improve the stability of equipment operation.
  • The steam heating system of floating fish feed pellet mill has automatic control and manual control to choose from.

3. The importance of vitamins to fish feed

  • VC is a nutrient necessary for the normal growth and maintenance of normal physiological functions of fish and shrimp, and many fish and shrimp cannot be synthesized and must be obtained from the diet.
  • VC has a certain effect on the humoral immune response and non-specific cellular immune response of fish and shrimp, so adding VC in fish and shrimp diet can enhance its immune response and non-specific cellular immune response.

 Adding VC to fish and shrimp diets can enhance their immune function, improve their disease resistance and survival rate.

  • VC is necessary for the normal immune response of fish and shrimp, but it does not act directly, but acts synergistically with some substances (such as VE) and metal elements (such as copper, iron) that have defense functions on the body.
  • VE is also an important nutrient for fish and shrimp. Its main function is to protect fat-soluble cell membranes and unsaturated fatty acids from being oxidized.

An appropriate amount of VE in the feed can be used as an immune-enhancing substance to enhance cell phagocytosis and strengthen phagocytic cells. generate.

  • VA is necessary to maintain the normal function of the immune system of fish and shrimp. High levels of VA in the feed can improve the phagocytic ability of lymphocytes and the activity of serum lysozyme and specific complement in fish and shrimp, thereby having an important impact on the immune function of fish and shrimp.

4. RICHI floating fish feed pellet mill line services

  • Provide various basic formulas;
  • Various shapes to choose from;
  • Free floating fish feed pellet mill installation and debugging;
  • Responsible for training personnel;
  • One year free warranty.
  • The length of the floating fish feed pellet mill production line is about 15 meters, which can be placed in a corner according to the size of the customer’s workshop.
  • Customers can provide the size of the floating fish feed pellet mill line workshop, and engineers can design and configure the machine for free.

RICHI MACHIENRY adheres to the basic tenet of “quality is the foundation, service is the key”, and in the floating fish feed pellet mill production and operation activities, it adheres to the customer’s needs as the ultimate orientation, and the direct and ultimate goal of the company’s operation is to meet and meet the practical needs of customers to the maximum extent.

 In order to win the support and praise of customers with technology, strict management, high quality and perfect service, and establish a good image and reputation.

RICHI floating fish feed pellet mills are popular all over the country and are exported to the United States, Poland, Canada, Turkey, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and many other European and American countries that have high requirements for floating fish feed making machine quality.

And RICHI floating fish feed pellet mill have been distributed in Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Jordan, Kuwait, Nigeria, South Africa, Algeria, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia and many other countries in Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Poultry Feed Pellet Making Machine

Cause of Poultry Feed Pellet Making Machine Blockage

In the process of compound feed production, the safe and normal production of the poultry feed pellet making machine is very important, because the poultry feed pelletizer completely completes the preparation of the poultry feed pellet making machine.

But in actual production, due to various reasons, it is easy to form a thick and hard material between the ring die and the pressing roller. The pressure roller cannot extrude the material from the die hole, so that the ring die of the poultry machine is stuck or slipped, causing the common blockage of the poultry pellet mill.

Through on-site analysis of multi-equipment and multi-material, the reasons for machine blockage are as follows:

Poultry Feed Pellet Making Machine

1.The die roll gap is not suitable.

The gap between the die rolls is too large, resulting in an excessively thick material layer between the die rolls, uneven distribution, uneven pressure roll stress, and easy slippage. Once the extrusion force of the die roller on the material is less than the resistance of the inner wall of the die hole to the material, the material cannot be extruded, which will cause blockage.

In order to reduce clogging, attention should be paid to adjusting the gap between the die rolls during production.

When adjusting, it is best to form a state of closeness, rotation and non-rotation of the pressure roller and the ring die. According to observation, the gap is generally 3-5mm. In this process, the experience and adjustment feeling of the poultry feed pellet making machine are very important.

2.The effect of steam.

The most ideal production conditions in the production process of pellet feed are suitable raw material water, good steam quality and sufficient conditioning time. Proper use of dry saturated steam granules can effectively improve the output of the poultry feed pellet granulator and the quality of the granulated material.

In order to ensure good particle quality and high output, in addition to the normal operation of each transmission part of the poultry feed machine, the quality of dry saturated steam entering the conditioner of the poultry feed pellet making machine should also be guaranteed.

Suitable saturated steam has softening and lubricating effect in the granulation process, which can improve productivity, reduce frictional heat energy, and prolong the service life of ring die; it can reduce power consumption and promote starch gelation.

Fiber-to-fiber bonding; it can improve the particle forming rate, reduce powder, make the material appearance smooth and clean, and improve product competitiveness. (Related case: Feed Mill Plant In Uzbekistan)

The poor quality of the steam makes the moisture of the material too high when it leaves the conditioner, and when it enters the particle cavity, it is easy to cause blockage of the die hole, and the pressure roller slips, causing blockage.


①Insufficient steam pressure and high water content can easily cause the material to absorb too much water. At the same time, when the pressure is low, the temperature of the material is also low during conditioning, the starch cannot be gelatinized well, and the granulation effect is poor;

②The steam pressure is unstable, fluctuating high and low, and the material conditioning is unstable, resulting in large fluctuations in the current of the poultry feed making machine, uneven thirst of the material, and easy blockage in the normal production process.

The poultry feed pellet making machine should always pay attention to factors such as steam pressure, conditioner feed rate, etc., to avoid excessive moisture in material conditioning caused by steam pressure and water content. At the same time, in order to reduce the number of blockages caused by steam quality, the boiler room should provide high-quality, stable dry saturated steam. (Related post: cat litter making machine)

In the production process, the poultry feed granulator should always pay attention to the moisture content of the quenched and tempered material, which can be judged by a simple method. The specific method is: grab the material of the conditioner, hold it by hand, and release it.

3.The influence of conditioning effect.

In order to make pellet feed meet the competitive demands of the market, its excellent quality must be guaranteed. The conditioning effect of the material before granulation is very important, because it directly affects the output and quality of the poultry feed pellet making machine, especially the water stability of special aquatic products is an important indicator.

If the material cannot be completely conditioned and matured before granulation, it is difficult to guarantee the water stability index. The so-called conditioning refers to the pretreatment of powder materials before granulation, which is the process of fully stirring and absorbing the powder to be granulated and an appropriate amount of steam in the conditioner.

Select the conditioning equipment that meets the technical requirements, so that the material can be fully stirred and mixed with steam in the conditioner to achieve the effect of softening the material and gelatinizing starch, which is conducive to the compression molding of powder and produces qualified products.

The poultry feed pellet making machine conditioner requires a long period of heat preservation, heating and humidification, and the number of layers can be installed in any combination as required to ensure that the material can fully meet the requirements of conditioning, improve the surface and internal quality of the granular material, and improve its water resistance in water. At present, the most ideal conditioning effect can be achieved by using the method of Modulator+Qualifier+Modulator.

Through on-site debugging, the number of blockages of the poultry feed pellet making machine can be reduced by adjusting the steam. As the boiler equipment has been formed, the steam provided has been determined.

Pay attention to the treatment method of water vapor in the steam pipeline, try to exclude the condensed water in the steam pipeline, and the steam pressure at the front end of the conditioner should be very stable.