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biomass pellet mill for sale

Selection of rice husk biomass pellet mill

We often talk about rice husk pellet fuel and biomass pellet mill, but do you know how it is used, and what are the criteria for rice husk biomass pellet machine selection?

1.The selection of rice husk biomass pellet mill

The selection of rice husk biomass granulator has the following criteria:

Now rice husk pellets are very useful. They can not only reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but also improve the utilization rate of energy. Biomass energy has a unique green development prospect. If we want to produce good biomass pellets, we must choose For a good rice husk biomass pellet mill, first refer to the following points to choose a good quality rice husk biomass pellet mill:

(1)The rice husk biomass pellet mill must be dry when extruding the rice husk, because the raw material itself contains moisture, so do not add adhesive to the raw material when selecting the biomass pellet machine to work.

(2)The raw materials used by the rice husk biomass pellet mill are suitable for various biomass raw materials, and the density of our granules must be greater than 1.1-1.3. When producing one ton of granular raw materials, the power consumption is less than 35-80 kWh, and the requirement is that the electricity is not allowed to exceed 80 kWh/ton.

Rice husk pellets do not need to be broken or pulverized in the production process, but can be directly granulated. Welcome to consult the rice husk biomass pellet mill.

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2. Ring Die biomass pellet mill for sale

biomass pellet mill for sale

What is the ring die of rice husk biomass pellet granulator? I believe that many people have not heard of this thing, but it is actually understandable, because we do not often come into contact with this thing in our lives.

But we all know that the rice husk biomass pellet mill is a device for pressing rice husks into environmentally friendly biomass fuel, and the ring die is a key component and one of the components of the rice husk biomass pellet equipment. At the same time, it is also an equipment One of the vulnerable parts.

Ring die pellet machines are generally used in wood processing factories or food processing factories. Different enterprises use different biomass pellet mill and ring dies.

(1)The ring die is a porous annular fragile part with thin wall, dense hole and high dimensional accuracy. In operation, the feed is squeezed by rotating annular dies and rolls, protrudes outward from the inner wall through the die holes to the strip, and is then cut on the knife into pellets of the desired length.

(2)The ring die is very important in the production process of the biomass pellet mill, because it not only affects the quality of the produced pellets, but also the cost of ring die damage is very high, even accounting for more than 25% of the maintenance cost of the workshop using the biomass pellet mill.

(3)The selection, rational use and effective maintenance of the ring die of the rice husk biomass pellet mill can properly prolong the service life of the ring die. For more information, please continue to visit the official website of the biomass pellet making machine manufacturer.

3.Rice husk biomass pellet mill machine recycles waste resources

(1)Rice husk biomass pellet mill recycles waste resources. In today’s society, resources are scarce, and energy conservation and environmental protection have to be put on the agenda. For waste materials such as rice husks and straws, which can be recycled again, the rice husk biomass pelletizer machine solves these problems.

(2)The pellet fuel produced by the rice husk biomass pellet mill can indirectly replace coal, oil, electricity, natural gas and other energy sources, so the pellet machine equipment is the representative of new energy equipment.

(3)The rice husk biomass pellet mill can also process agricultural residues such as crop straws and branches. The biomass pellet fuel produced by the waste resources through the pellet machine equipment is an environmentally friendly new energy source.

(4)Biomass fuel has low ash, sulfur and nitrogen content, and is a renewable new biomass fuel with clean combustion, environmental protection and energy saving characteristics.

(5)The emergence of rice husk biomass pellet mill not only effectively relieves the tension of biomass pellet supply, but also is more conducive to the healthy and stable development of the national economy.

(5)Rice husk biofuel pellet machine is a kind of waste renewable energy fuel, the calorific value is higher than that of biomass pellets of similar raw materials, higher than ordinary coal, smokeless, odorless, clean and hygienic, and can be widely used in home heating and biomass boilers.

(6)In industry, it can replace coal or heavy oil-fired steam boilers and can also be used as chemical raw materials for deep processing of activated carbon and silicon carbide. Crystalline silicon, etc.

Rice husk biomass pellet mill is added with pellet fuel density, high calorific value, easy to use, no pollution, easy to store and transport, etc. It can replace firewood, coal, natural gas, liquefied gas, etc. It is widely used in stoves, heating, hot water and steam Pots, drying furnaces, industrial boilers, power plants and etc. Rice husk biomass pellet mill is a new type of recycling and environmental protection equipment in many countries.

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When purchasing American made wood pellet mill

American made wood pellet mill is a kind of mechanical equipment specializing in the production of biomass fuel pellets. Under normal temperature conditions, the American made wood pellet mill uses press rollers and ring die to extrude raw materials such as sawdust and straw to produce biomass fuel pellets.

The density of raw materials is generally about 130 kg/m3, and the density of the formed pellets is greater than 1100 kg/m3, which is convenient for transportation and storage. It is used for civil heating and domestic energy, industrial boilers, power generation, etc. (Related post: wood pellet mill for sale )

1. Quality is more important when purchasing American made wood pellet mill

American made wood pellet mill

Nowadays, many countries strongly support the biomass wood pellet machine industry, coupled with the social demand for the new energy industry, pellet machine equipment is in short supply.

Numerous biomass pellet machine manufacturers have sprung up like mushrooms after a spring rain, causing many customers to have headaches when purchasing equipment. When purchasing an American made wood pellet mill, choose a manufacturer with good quality, high efficiency and good corporate reputation.

The quality of a piece of American made wood pellet mill is related to its own profitability, and if you buy equipment with poor quality and fail during production, your own business will be greatly affected. Therefore, when choosing a biomass pellet machine, you don’t necessarily think that the price is low and you will take advantage of it.

If the price is high, the quality of the equipment you buy will be good. The key is to do your own on-the-spot inspection, able to draw conclusions.

Richi Machinery, established in 1995, has export wood pellet mills to Malaysia, Austria, Belgium, Argentina, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Vietnam, Brazil, Slovakia, Denmark, Turkey and more than 120 countries and regions.

2. How to give full play to the value of American made wood pellet mill?

The American made wood pellet mill is mainly used for pelletizing sawdust, rice husks, cottonseed husks, and various crop straws and other coarse fibers. It is a cost-effective biomass fuel pellet production equipment. With the continuous enhancement of people’s environmental protection awareness, American made wood pellet mills have become more and more widely used. (Related post: fuel pellet plant)

For biomass fuel pellets, the pelletizing system is an important link in the entire processing process, and the American made wood pellet mill is the key equipment in the pelletizing system. Whether it can operate normally or not will directly affect the quality of the product.

A qualified American made wood pellet mill must first master the operation of the entire granulation system. So, how to make better use of the value of American made wood pellet mill?

  • The particle size of the powder to be granulated should be a certain proportion, and the general material is a sieve with a diameter of 4 mm.
  • Purpose of conditioning or adding water:

a. Improve production efficiency.

b. Extend the service life of the ring die.

c. Reduce energy costs.

  • After conditioning, the moisture content of the raw material should be controlled at 15% to 18%.

American made wood pellet mills need to produce qualified granular materials according to changes in ambient temperature and humidity, changes in moisture content and particle size of raw materials, formulation adjustments, equipment wear and special requirements from customers. In order to improve the quality of the product, American made wood pellet mills must have comprehensive knowledge, rich experience, strong sense of responsibility, and overcome various difficulties in order to produce high-quality biomass fuel pellets.

Over the years, Richi Machinery has always focused on the research and development, production and sales of American made wood pellet mills, wood pellet production lines, pulverizers, wood processing equipment, drying equipment and other products.

All have passed ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification and EU CE certification. It has been recognized as a qualified product by the Machinery Industry Department of Henan Province.

Richi Machinery has always adhered to the principle of “quality first, reputation first”, in line with the tenet of “survive by quality, and seek benefits from development”, exerting its own advantages and gradually expanding its scale. In the future, the developed people will make persistent efforts, continue to innovate, and develop products that are well received by domestic and foreign customers.

3. Biomass wood pellet mill machine use green to show the future

In recent years, the sales of wood pellets from American made wood pellet millss as an environmentally friendly fuel are very high, mostly because coal is not allowed to be burned in many places, and the cost of natural gas is too high. The fuel cost is very low, and it is not only environmentally friendly but also renewable energy, which is very popular among factories and enterprises. (Related post: biomass wood pellet plant in Indonesia)

If the wood pellets of the American made wood pellet mills are used as fuel, the environmental pollution is extremely small, because the pollutants such as smoke and dust generated during the combustion and use of the wood pellets can be said to be minimal. And from the perspective of national policy, it is currently vigorously developing new energy sources that replace traditional non-renewable resources. The country now prohibits burning of straw because the pollution to the atmosphere is too serious.

The pellet fuel produced by the American made wood pellet mills equipment has the characteristics of clean combustion, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving. With the further development of environmental protection, it not only realizes the transformation of waste into treasure, but also improves the value of crops, and also promotes the ecological environment with economic development.

Poultry Feed Pellet Making Machine

Cause of Poultry Feed Pellet Making Machine Blockage

In the process of compound feed production, the safe and normal production of the poultry feed pellet making machine is very important, because the poultry feed pelletizer completely completes the preparation of the poultry feed pellet making machine.

But in actual production, due to various reasons, it is easy to form a thick and hard material between the ring die and the pressing roller. The pressure roller cannot extrude the material from the die hole, so that the ring die of the poultry machine is stuck or slipped, causing the common blockage of the poultry pellet mill.

Through on-site analysis of multi-equipment and multi-material, the reasons for machine blockage are as follows:

Poultry Feed Pellet Making Machine

1.The die roll gap is not suitable.

The gap between the die rolls is too large, resulting in an excessively thick material layer between the die rolls, uneven distribution, uneven pressure roll stress, and easy slippage. Once the extrusion force of the die roller on the material is less than the resistance of the inner wall of the die hole to the material, the material cannot be extruded, which will cause blockage.

In order to reduce clogging, attention should be paid to adjusting the gap between the die rolls during production.

When adjusting, it is best to form a state of closeness, rotation and non-rotation of the pressure roller and the ring die. According to observation, the gap is generally 3-5mm. In this process, the experience and adjustment feeling of the poultry feed pellet making machine are very important.

2.The effect of steam.

The most ideal production conditions in the production process of pellet feed are suitable raw material water, good steam quality and sufficient conditioning time. Proper use of dry saturated steam granules can effectively improve the output of the poultry feed pellet granulator and the quality of the granulated material.

In order to ensure good particle quality and high output, in addition to the normal operation of each transmission part of the poultry feed machine, the quality of dry saturated steam entering the conditioner of the poultry feed pellet making machine should also be guaranteed.

Suitable saturated steam has softening and lubricating effect in the granulation process, which can improve productivity, reduce frictional heat energy, and prolong the service life of ring die; it can reduce power consumption and promote starch gelation.

Fiber-to-fiber bonding; it can improve the particle forming rate, reduce powder, make the material appearance smooth and clean, and improve product competitiveness. (Related case: Feed Mill Plant In Uzbekistan)

The poor quality of the steam makes the moisture of the material too high when it leaves the conditioner, and when it enters the particle cavity, it is easy to cause blockage of the die hole, and the pressure roller slips, causing blockage.


①Insufficient steam pressure and high water content can easily cause the material to absorb too much water. At the same time, when the pressure is low, the temperature of the material is also low during conditioning, the starch cannot be gelatinized well, and the granulation effect is poor;

②The steam pressure is unstable, fluctuating high and low, and the material conditioning is unstable, resulting in large fluctuations in the current of the poultry feed making machine, uneven thirst of the material, and easy blockage in the normal production process.

The poultry feed pellet making machine should always pay attention to factors such as steam pressure, conditioner feed rate, etc., to avoid excessive moisture in material conditioning caused by steam pressure and water content. At the same time, in order to reduce the number of blockages caused by steam quality, the boiler room should provide high-quality, stable dry saturated steam. (Related post: cat litter making machine)

In the production process, the poultry feed granulator should always pay attention to the moisture content of the quenched and tempered material, which can be judged by a simple method. The specific method is: grab the material of the conditioner, hold it by hand, and release it.

3.The influence of conditioning effect.

In order to make pellet feed meet the competitive demands of the market, its excellent quality must be guaranteed. The conditioning effect of the material before granulation is very important, because it directly affects the output and quality of the poultry feed pellet making machine, especially the water stability of special aquatic products is an important indicator.

If the material cannot be completely conditioned and matured before granulation, it is difficult to guarantee the water stability index. The so-called conditioning refers to the pretreatment of powder materials before granulation, which is the process of fully stirring and absorbing the powder to be granulated and an appropriate amount of steam in the conditioner.

Select the conditioning equipment that meets the technical requirements, so that the material can be fully stirred and mixed with steam in the conditioner to achieve the effect of softening the material and gelatinizing starch, which is conducive to the compression molding of powder and produces qualified products.

The poultry feed pellet making machine conditioner requires a long period of heat preservation, heating and humidification, and the number of layers can be installed in any combination as required to ensure that the material can fully meet the requirements of conditioning, improve the surface and internal quality of the granular material, and improve its water resistance in water. At present, the most ideal conditioning effect can be achieved by using the method of Modulator+Qualifier+Modulator.

Through on-site debugging, the number of blockages of the poultry feed pellet making machine can be reduced by adjusting the steam. As the boiler equipment has been formed, the steam provided has been determined.

Pay attention to the treatment method of water vapor in the steam pipeline, try to exclude the condensed water in the steam pipeline, and the steam pressure at the front end of the conditioner should be very stable.